Dog arthritis is mostly caused by a lot of running and enjoying with his or her owner however sometimes it can be caused by a disease or illness and sometimes even injuries. Arthritis can also be caused by obesity and diabetes. There are many forms of arthritis however the most common one is osteoarthritis, a degenerative disease in the joints that affects most of the dogs.  

Here are ways to help your dogs that has arthritis. 

1.Check on your Veterinarian for treatment 

Arthritis is a disease that can be relieved through medications that are anti-inflammatory. Sometimes veterinarians prescribe medications that are non-steroidal to help with the pain and inflammation. Treatments also help in repairing the cartilage.  

2. Weight Control 

Obesity is a common cause of arthritis and when your dogs are overweight, they are more likely to experience arthritis compared to other dogs. When you control the intake of your dog and have them on a diet, for sure losing the extra weight off can help take off the strain that their joints are experiencing. There are also medications that helps in relieving the pain of arthritis while they are still on the process of weight loss. 

3. Soft Surface 

Soft surface made of memory foam helps in making sure that your dog’s bones and joints are supported properly. If ever your dog lacks fat or are super skinny, they are also in need of a soft surface to lay on to support their bones as well. Moreover, there are specific stores that cater to dogs with arthritis and sell special beds for them.  

4. Ramps 

When your dogs are older, they might have a harder time navigating through your stairs at home and slippery tiles thus investing in ramps and maybe cubes can help them in climbing your stairs more conveniently and when getting up your sofa or down from it. When you have slippery floors, having some carpets installed can also be very beneficial for avoiding possible slipping and injuries.  

5. Grooming 

When your dogs are healthy, they groom themselves conveniently even with areas that you think are hard to reach, however when your dog has arthritis, he or she can’t be as flexible that’s why going to the groomers is necessary.  

6. CBD 

CBD or Cannabidiol is known to be helpful when it comes to inflammation thus it has been known to help dogs that have arthritis. If you want to invest in this medication to help your pet in relieving his pain, offers CBD for dogs whether in oil form or in treats. Visit their website and choose what is best for your best friend. 

Arthritis is as painful of an experience to dogs as it is to humans that’s why taking care of your dog in times of pain is a very significant move as an owner. I hope these tips help in making sure your best friend is taken care of.