Drunk driving laws may differ from one state to another. Below are a few factors that you need to think about factors that can cause your DUI sentence to be more grave and more enhanced. All states have DUI or drunk driving laws that will give more serious punishment under added weight to the sentence to those who commit it. Such punishment enhancement nan includes longer license suspension, higher fines, and mandatory jail time in several states today. If ever you were arrested for a DUI case, then we highly recommend you to hire Fort Myers DUI lawyers as soon as you can and reach out to them so that they can represent you. They will also help you prevent the following enhancement of the DUI conviction: 

Bodily injury 

When you caused injury to someone while committing a DUI, then expect to be sentenced with a more enhanced penalty.? 

Property damage 

If you’ve caused property damage as you drive under the influence, you will get greater penalties. But if you lack the needed auto insurance, the consequence can even be worse in other states.? 

Child endangerment? 

When you are arrested for driving under the influence while being companied with a child in your vehicle, your sentence will be improved in several states, even when you’re with your child. In other areas, the enhancement will only apply if you’re with kids below 18 years old and a more increased sentence for those who are with kids below 14 yrs. old.? 

People who refuse to take a breath test 

In several areas, refusing to take a breathalyzer can only lead to increased penalties that you won’t need to do should you decide to just submit doing the breath test. In other areas, refusing this test can be equated to instant license revocation. While some states take this as a sign that you deserve to experience mandatory jail time. You won’t be provided an increased sentence for refusing to take a urine test or blood test unless the police can let you see a warrant.? 

High level of BAC 

Nowadays, a lot of states are starting to embrace and follow laws that enhance the penalties for drivers who acquired high levels of blood alcohol content (BAC) when they are arrested. Other states’ basis would be at level 0.15 and others even have greater penalties prepared for BAC more than 0.20.? 

Prior DUI conviction? 

In every US state, the penalties can more serious especially for drivers with the drunk driving offense before. Other states augment the sentence for those who had DUI cases within the previous 5 years. While some states consider 10 years while others will still do it regardless of the time when they were arrested for it.? 

More factors that may cause your DUI conviction fines and penalties include the following: 

  • Having an ignition interlock device on the car 
  • Getting several DUI convictions before 
  • Getting an open alcohol container 
  • On probation for another crime 
  • Failing to present a driver’s license